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Port Bug 1223728 - Remove the unifiedcomplete pref and the urlinline component to im and mail


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Thunderbird 49.0


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Bug 1223728 removed the unifiedcomplete.manifest, nsPlacesAutoComplete.manifest and nsPlacesAutoComplete.js which results in an error during make installer.
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Mail at least needs all three files to remove. Done the same for im.
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Jörg, in editor is still a autocompletesearch="history" ( ). Is this used in composer and needs a change to autocompletesearch="unifiedcomplete"?
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Hmm, to be honest, I've never seen this. You're referring to:
<vbox id="LinkLocationBox">
  <label control="hrefInput" accesskey="&LinkURLEditField.accessKey;" width="1">&LinkURLEditField.label;</label>
  <textbox id="hrefInput" type="autocomplete"
           autocompletesearch="history" timeout="50" maxrows="6"
Where is this in the TB UI? Or is this used by SM only?
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In the dialog "Insert Link..." the Link Location textbox has the  id hrefInput. There is also the type="autocomplete".

And under Win10 this textbox looks a bit squashed...
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Yes, I was looking at the "Insert Link", as you said, it's hrefInput I didn't see the LinkLocationBox. Sorry. Yes, this has been squashed for as long as I can think.
Yes, now I see "autocomplete" and "history" in my DOM Inspector.

But sadly, I still don't know anything about it. Have you tried with "unifiedcomplete". Who says it needs to change? I vaguely remember bug 1256681. Anyway, Magnus is the autocomplete man ;-)
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Closed: 5 years ago
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It should probably change to unifiedcomplete. (Don't have a new enough build handy to check atm.)
If that doesn't work, it doesn't really need to be an autocomplete field.
Depends on: 1272322
Bug fixed the rest. Not sure why that didn't get linked here.
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