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Move all |mach eslint| infrastructure to tools/lint


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I'm working on a linting framework that will eventually provide a common interface to all our linting. This will include eslint (though don't worry, my aim will be 100% backwards compatibility with the existing setup).

Anyway, as part of that I'd like to put all lint related tools in tools/lint. The python/ is really meant for python related commands (like running an interactive python shell, or running python tests). Eslint doesn't belong in there. I'd also like to move the mozilla eslint plugin there too as it seems like a bit of a better fit than testing.
These two bugs are close to landing and will bitrot with this. So I'll wait for them to land before proceeding.
Depends on: 1265082, 1270851
This commit simply moves 'testing/eslint' to 'tools/lint/eslint' and the eslint related
mach command from 'python/' to 'tools/lint/'. It shouldn't
have any functional change on running eslint, either through mach or taskcluster.

This is in preparation for bug 1258341, to make the diffs there a little easier to read.

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Hey Mike, sorry I pushed to review with the wrong bug number at first. I'm flagging you because I noticed you recently did some major eslint refactors. Let me know if I should flag someone else instead.

Here is a working try run with these changes:
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Bug 1271734 - Move all eslint related infrastructure to tools/lint,
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Move all eslint related infrastructure to tools/lint, r=miker
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It would be nice to broadcast this change to platform and Firefox mailing lists, as some editors require absolute paths to the our ESLint setup, which will now need adjusting.
Sure, I'll send a note out.
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