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Intermittent browser_focus_steal_from_chrome.js | the INPUT element isn't focused by the focus (Test1: content can steal focus) -


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This has been failing frequently since bug 1270118 landed. Can you please look, Michael?
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I had trouble reasoning about what exactly was happening and when in the original test, so I quickly rewrote it using add_task - I'm running a try to see if the problem reproduces in my rewrite (which could mean that there is a real platform problem :S)
I had a hunch that the bug was due to loading not being handled correctly in e10s, but was having trouble reasoning about the way the test worked. I rewrote it, and it seems to work now from my try run: (I repeated OS X 10.10 debug and Linux x64 PGO runs for this bug (which seemed to be the ones causing the most failures) a bunch of times, and didn't get any failures).

Hopefully this actually fixes the failure
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Rewrite browser_focus_steal_from_chrome to avoid race condition

>+        // Confirm that the contents should be able to steal focus from content.
>+        yield ContentTask.spawn(fg, test, test => {
>+          let fm = Components.classes[";1"]
>+                .getService(Components.interfaces.nsIFocusManager);

I think you can use Services.focus in a ContentTask.

>+          return new Promise(res => {
>+            function f() {
>+              let e = content.document.activeElement;
>+              if (e.tagName != test.tagName) {
>+                dump("... Not Ready Yet ...\n");

Remove the four 'dump' lines. If you want a debug line on failure, count for some time and use info.

>+                setTimeout(f, 10);
>+              } else {
>+                is(fm.focusedElement, e,
>+                   "the foreground tab's " + test.tagName +
>+                   " element isn't focused by the " + test.methodName +
>+                   " (Test1: content can steal focus)");
>+                res();
>+              }
>+            }
>+            f();
>+          });
>+        });

It would also be a good idea after each of these tests to ensure that Services.focus.focusedElement in the parent process is correct as well.
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Rewrite browser_focus_steal_from_chrome to avoid race condition, r=enndeakin
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