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word-wrap: break-all should not break at spaces


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Per the discussion at the CSS WG meeting in the past few minutes, word-wrap: break-all should not break at non-breaking spaces or preserved spaces (I think); it should only make other types of characters behave like CJK.  Or something like that.

The spec is supposed to be clarified next week; hopefully this should be clearer then.
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did you mean?

break-word: break-all

because there is no `word-wrap: break-all`

It seems to do do that. Using 

data:text/html,<p style="word-break:break-all;width:12ch">superlongstring&nbsp;superlongstring&nbsp;superlongstring&nbsp;superlongstring&nbsp;superlongstring&nbsp;superlongstring&nbsp;superlongstring&nbsp;</p>

There might be other cases.
Severity: normal → S3
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