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impossible to enter


(Core :: Networking: Cookies, defect)

Windows 2000
Not set





(Reporter: bugzilla, Assigned: morse)


It seems impossible to enter

To reproduce:
1) go to
2) select Denmark

you're redirected to the same map all over again...

Doesn't happen with IE

wfm with  linux CVS from 02/21 22:30

As a matter of fact, I experience the same problem if I block cookies from this
site. With cookies non blocked, there is no problem.

confirming using build 2002022103 on Win2k (I accepted cookies from first party
Web site).
-> morse
Assignee: darin → morse
Component: Networking: HTTP → Cookies
Gemal, guess what?  This is working fine for me, using a tree that I just pulled 
and built.  So what are we doing differently?  I'm running on NT and your on 
win2k but that shouldn't make any difference.

Tever, can you reproduce?
steps to reproduce:

1) fresh profile (very important)
2) check pref "ask me before storing a cookie"
3) load
4) check "remember this decision" and press Yes
5) click on Denmark

OK, I'm able to reproduce.  New profile is not necessary, nor is setting the 
cookie warning pref.  What is necessary is that you click on the map (as gemal 
clearly states) rather than selecting Denmark from the dropdown list (as I was 

But I'm also able to reproduce the problem on IE and also on nav 4.  In fact, on 
Nav 4 there is another problem with this site -- it takes so long to load (over 
a minute) that twice I thought that the browser had hung and I killed it from 
the task manager.

So the problem is the site itself.  It's doesn't support selection of country by 
mouse clicking on any browser.  Closing out as invalid.
Closed: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
selecting denmark with IE works...
Not on my IE 5.5.  What version of IE are you running?
ok.. the site is just weird...
Depends on: 1135878
No longer depends on: 1135878
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