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Use distinct chrome:// space for android, chrome://browser/ -> chrome://mobile/


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(Keywords: addon-compat)

chrome:// urls aren't all that universal, one aspect of it being that fennec uses chrome://browser/ and desktop does, too. And they use the same urls, for different things.

This might have add-on compat impact, but margeret said on that that would be OK.

Jorge, do we have a way to query mxr on addons for mobile only?

I have a local patch that I didn't actually test yet, I pushed that as part of to let try figure this out.
> Jorge, do we have a way to query mxr on addons for mobile only?

No, but there aren't that many Android add-ons, so they could be checked semi-manually.
The prior patch failed on missing chrome registry changes, which has fixed.

There's a reliable failure on chrome mochitest,, not sure how to fix that, as I don't really understand what might be broken.

Cleaning up local patches, I don't think this is worth it anymore.

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