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remove some remaining uses of nsISupportsArray in send/import code of mailnews


(MailNews Core :: Composition, defect, minor)

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(firefox51 fixed)

Thunderbird 51.0
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firefox51 --- fixed


(Reporter: aceman, Assigned: aceman)




(2 files, 3 obsolete files)

    line 36 -- interface nsISupportsArray;
    line 253 -- in nsISupportsArray aEmbeddedObjects,

    line 327 -- nsCOMPtr<nsISupportsArray> aNodeList;
    line 449 -- nsCOMPtr<nsISupportsArray> aNodeList;

    line 4043 -- nsISupportsArray *aEmbeddedObjects,

    line 133 -- #include "nsISupportsArray.h"
    line 258 -- nsCOMPtr<nsISupportsArray> mEmbeddedObjectList;

    line 36 -- #include "nsISupportsArray.h"
    line 332 -- nsCOMPtr<nsISupportsArray> supportsArray;
    line 333 -- NS_NewISupportsArray(getter_AddRefs(supportsArray));
    line 343 -- supportsArray->AppendElement(item);
    line 350 -- supportsArray,

    line 56 -- nsCOMPtr <nsISupportsArray> m_searchTerms;
Can you please refresh my memory on why we're doing that and what is the replacement.
See bug 394167 and bug 792209. Supposedly it is "the bad thing" :)
Attached patch patch for mailnews (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This works for me provided the other m-c patch is accepted.
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Attached patch patch for mozilla-central (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is a prerequisite for the mailnews patch. I hope m-c will welcome removal of nsISupportsArray. I was not sure if nodes->AppendElement() should use weak or strong reference to the added objects. But weak reference caused a test failure in c-c.

I have not found any uses GetEmbeddedObjects in m-c.
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patch for mozilla-central

I don't see any problems from this patch.
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(In reply to Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (Mozilla Japan) (Offline: 9/19, 9/22-9/25, 9/28)) from comment #6)
> Comment on attachment 8752606 [details] [diff] [review]
> patch for mozilla-central
> I don't see any problems from this patch.

Thanks. Do you also understand why nodes->AppendElement(domNode, false); needs to have a strong reference (the 'false' argument) ? I just know with a weak reference our tests failed.
What are the test failures?

(Better to NI? Masayuki-san).
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Although, I'm not sure which tests fail with weak reference. It seems that appending element with strong reference is correct since DOM nodes which are stored in the result of the method may be removed from the document after that.  However, the array may be accessible even after that.  Additionally, dom::Element is not a weak referable.  Then, AppendElement() must do nothing.,116-117,120-121
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patch for mozilla-central v1.1

>+TextEditor::GetEmbeddedObjects(nsIArray** aNodeList)
>+ {

nit: Could you this style when you add/rewrite NS_ENSURE_*()?

  if (NS_WARN_IF(!aNodeList)) {
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The failing tests were in c-c. We will be sure when we check in both patches.
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I tested this by adding and attachment and an image in HTML composition. Both objects were preserved in the message created in Outbox.
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patch for mailnews v1.1

Review of attachment 8791552 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks OK to me. Please coordinate the M-C/C-C landings. I suggest Aleth can push the M-C part to inbound and we land the C-C part when it gets merged to M-C.
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Aleth, can you please push the M-C patch to inbound. Thanks.
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Bug 1272893 - Remove nsISupportsArray from GetEmbeddedObjects() in editor. r=masayuki
Pushed by
Remove nsISupportsArray from GetEmbeddedObjects() in editor. r=masayuki
Thanks. Let's clear the NI ;-)
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Closed: 3 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 51.0
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