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Remove unnecessary Taskcluster jobs on release branches


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A while back we started running decision tasks on mozilla-aurora, without giving much thought to what all that enabled, and then in bug 1271312 started running them on mozilla-beta, mozilla-release, and mozilla-esr45. As a result, we're running things like 25 b2g builds on mozilla-release that absolutely nobody wants to see.

Eventually the scheduling rewrite will save us, by letting a given Gecko version know that it should run some b2g build while it is on the trunk, but not run it once it hits aurora and below, but for now we're going to just have to edit the yaml files (and reedit them after every merge to aurora) to avoid having to hide loads of crap, which will inevitably result in leaving something hidden after a merge when it should have become visible.
Component: Integration → Task Configuration
I think this doesn't matter anymore -- there have been a lot of uplifts in the last 7mo anyway.
Closed: 5 years ago
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Sure, as long as you've got plenty of money, since for instance mozilla-release runs two Mulet builds and a totally broken Mac opt build per push, and mozilla-beta runs a broken Mac opt build and four broken Windows builds.

At least mozilla-aurora doesn't seem to have any currently-broken jobs, so there aren't any that will continue being pointlessly built until esr52 leaves the building sometime in 2018.
Product: TaskCluster → Firefox Build System
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