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Failed to fetch in subworker


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When attempting to add some test cases, I found that fetch API in subworker causes a crash in mochitest.
I attached log and my test related to that.
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WorkerFetchResolve::OnRespondAvailable() gets calls on the main thread:

It attempts to dispatch a WorkerRunnable back to the original worker that performed the fetch().

It seems, however, that we don't allow main thread to dispatch to a nested worker thread?  We end up triggering this assert:

Without a parent we assert main thread, but otherwise we try to assert the parent worker thread.

What is the correct way to structure this?  Do we really have to bounce a runnable through every worker parent?  That seems... complicated.
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You need to override the Pre/PostDispatch assertions like so

You also need to make sure that the WorkerPrivate is guaranteed to still be alive at this point.
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We hold a WorkerFeature for the nested worker.  Is that enough?  Or do we need to hold the parent alive explicitly as well?
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That is enough.
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This patch extends the test framework in dom/tests/mochitest/fetch to execute test cases in nested workers.  This easily triggered the reported assertion.  It also ensures we get a lot of test coverage in nested workers.
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This patch allows us to pass the test, but is not 100% correct yet.  We currently hold a WorkerFeature during body consumption, but not during the actual network request itself.
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P1 Fix fetch() WorkerRunnable classes to allow it to work with nested Workers. r=khuey

Actually, we are holding a WorkerFeature during the network operation via the PromiseWorkerProxy.  So I believe this patch is complete.

I had to fix a number of worker runnables here.  Also, I had to drop the modification of the busy count since that performed the same parent thread assertion.  I think this is ok since we are holding the feature.
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P2 Execute fetch() mochitests in nested workers. r=khuey

Review of attachment 8752894 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: dom/tests/mochitest/fetch/nested_worker_wrapper.js
@@ +13,5 @@
> +  });
> +
> +  worker.addEventListener('error', function(evt) {
> +    self.postMessage({
> +      context: 'NextedWorker',

I fixed this typo locally.
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This is the try build I did for this:

Note, jmaher tells me that the win7 failures are due to clipboard issues with aws test runners.
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