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Allow both mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar and mail.tabs.autoHide to be True when window is maximized


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Steps to reproduce:

On my netbook I always run Thunderbird in maximized mode.

I enabled both mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar and mail.tabs.autoHide to provide minimalist UI on my netbook

Actual results:

The Menu bar refuses to draw in the Titlebar, apparently because I also have enabled mail.tabs.autoHide, apparently because a decision was made to disable mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar when mail.tabs.autoHide is enabled, due to the fact that one cannot move/drag the window around by the menu bar when it is drawn in the titlebar.

Expected results:

Thunderbird should recognize that it is running in maximized mode, and allow both prefs to be true while in this state the window is maximized.
So, if a user sets both prefs to True, they are both True when the window is maximized, but mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar flips to false if the window is un-maximized.

Question though - maybe there is another bug that should be filed.

Why/how can Firefox allow the window to be moved by the Menu Bar when it is drawn in the Titlebar? Maybe a more correct fix would be to fix TB so it works the same way?
So, upon revisiting this today, I opened bug 1336959 to allow moving the window by grabbing a blank space on the Menu Toolbar.
Depends on: 1336959
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