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Optimize EventListenerManager::AddEventListenerByType


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It does too many hashtable lookups and temporary string creations etc.
Also atomizations, free() calls... Lots of stuff in there.
yup, it all reduces to one hashtable lookup.
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This reduces the temporary string creation and hashtable lookups.
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I don't like adding bool argument because it's not unclear from caller side. But I have no better idea.
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yeah, the method call is a bit ugly, but luckily this is used rarely. And since the method takes weird params anyhow, one needs to look at the documentation each time one uses it.
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Hmm, I need to look at the SVG/SMIL events. I may have made a mistake there.
We pass the test current, and with this patch, but the previous patch didn't.
And yes, SVG/SMIL events are crazy.

(looks like try is closed atm)
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v2 + tests for SMIL/SVG

>+  if (sStringEventTable->Get(aName, &mapping)) {
>+    if (mapping.mMaybeSpecialSVGorSMILEvent) {
>+      // Try the atom version so that we should get the right message for
>+      // SVG/SMIL.
>+      atom = NS_Atomize(NS_LITERAL_STRING("on") + aName);
>+      msg = GetEventMessage(atom);

The events are not so many, so, it might be faster to use switch statement instead of hashtable. However, I guess that the hashtable's cost is not so better than switch statement and this is stronger for maintain.

I think that we should make the SVG/SMIL events constructed as usual in another bug, though.
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