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Validate core ping fields - search counts & session usage


(Data Platform and Tools :: Datasets: Mobile, defect, P2)



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Blocks: 1251614
No longer blocks: core-ping
Moving this so it shows up in the data platform triaging for planning & consideration.
Component: General → Metrics: Pipeline
Product: Firefox for Android → Cloud Services
Depends on: 1307419
Priority: -- → P2
Hey Frank, is this still needed?
Component: Metrics: Pipeline → Datasets: Mobile
Flags: needinfo?(fbertsch)
Product: Cloud Services → Data Platform and Tools
I'm not sure - this predates me. Georg, any idea what kind of validation this was? Just general numbers look okay, or sending specific ping from a client and validating it is correct on our end, etc.?
Flags: needinfo?(fbertsch) → needinfo?(gfritzsche)
We were looking for the following for client changes:
- type validation for the new fields
- mapping out numbers whether they look sensible
  - overall totals
  - per ping count distribution should make sense
  - per client and day distribution should make sense
- here specifically: sanity look at search engine count distribution, does that look "sane" to PMs or so
Flags: needinfo?(gfritzsche)
Some prior art:

Note that for search counts specifically, we may have legal/contract issues with publishing them outside of MoCo.
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