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3 years ago
I hope there could be some tool similiar to jsbin/jsfiddle to be embeded in the browser directly. I know I can always use them, but they doesn't integrate well with the builtin devtools due to their heavy wrappers.

Also they may send your code to the server to get everything works as expected, which isn't good for privacy and speed. However, a browser integration can workaround browser limitations to make things work like in web directly.

I usually write "data:" url on the location bar to test small piece of html code, but that quickly becomes hard to iterate because the location bar has too little space to hack. At that time, I'm thinking it would be great if the browser allows me to write html directly.
Agreed it's a useful feature.  Tim has worked on an addon called DevTools Prototyper to support this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/devtools-prototyper/.  I don't know that it's something we want to implement in the tools directly at this time, though.
Bryan, can you weigh in on this feature being built in vs keeping it as an extension?
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Something like this has been part of the Visual Tools backlog for a while, however we don't have any plans to integrate the extension right now.  The "data:" URL is a common pattern for our team as well.  We do have a new feature for creating new nodes that landed in the inspector recently.

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OK, moving into the inspector component (i.e. Visual Tools)
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Going to close this out as per Comment 3.  Please see the extension in Comment 1 for an alternative to data URIs.  We can always revisit if this gets back on the Visual Tools radar.
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