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As mentioned in Bug 1267580, it would be nice to provide a default reading list article that describes how to use the new reader view bookmarking functionality.

I think the simplest way to do this is to just download the appropriate SUMO article during the first run of firefox.

I've got a proof of concept patch (which downloads a hardcoded article on every startup), which I'll attach to this bug (it was originally part of Bug 1267580).

To make this usable we'd need to:
1) Fix the reader view downloading code to handle redirects (we have a localisable SUMO link, however that redirects to the appropriate sumo article for a given locale/version/etc) - maybe we can follow the redirects on the java side and pass in the final URL to the JS reader view code?
2) Run it during first run, or find some other way of running this only once for any given user (we definitely want to run this for all new users, we might also want to run this for existing users who have no items in their reading list smartfodlder?).

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MozReview Request: Bug 1273938 - Proof of concept: download sumo article to reading list on app startup

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