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Add telemetry for Errors.msg errors


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There are a set of DOM errors that we emit using ErrorResult::ThrowTypeError().  The list is here: <>

We should be able to add telemetry probes for these errors to get an idea of the relative frequency of them in the wild, so that we can prioritize the work on adding documentation for the errors to MDN.
Whiteboard: btpp-fixlater
Do we want to document those errors? Why?
(In reply to :Ms2ger from comment #1)
> Do we want to document those errors? Why?

Some motivation is written down in bug 1179876. This is really helpful for beginners. Also, see Rust's error help :-)

Morgan has implemented the telemetry probe for JS errors in bug 1255133. Might be useful here.

There is also and (which Kit mentioned in bug 1261877)

Feature in action:

There are many different errors and warnings thrown at people. Telemetry might tell us a lot about them, and I think it is not only useful for MDN.
Florian mentioned prioritizing the error message documentation would be helped by having telemetry data so I'll make this block bug 1261877.
Blocks: 1261877
See Also: → 1179876
Priority: -- → P3
See Also: → 1337383
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