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Try push appearing to pick up extra task cluster tasks: "-u mochitest-1" runs mochitest-bc1, etc


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1267848 +++

For buildbot, "try: -u mochitest-1" runs mochitest-1.

For taskcluster, "try: -u mochitest-1" seems to run mochitest*1, which includes mochitest-1, mochitest-bc1, mochitest-dt1, etc.

The discrepancy is unexpected and can lead to many more tests running than intended.

I suspect this is related to how aliases are interpreted:
Here's another example:

try: -b o -p android-api-15 -u mochitest-1 -t none

For the buildbot build, only mochitest-1 was run.

For the TC build, mochitest-1, mochitest-chrome, mochitest-clipboard, mochitest-gl1, mochitest-gpu, and mochitest-mda1 were run. (There's no mochitest-dt or mochitest-bc on Android -- 'mochitest-1' runs even more tests on desktop.)
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This just skips the alias handling when the <name>-<chunk> form is matched.

Now "-u mochitest-1" only selects mochitest-1:, This is consistent with traditional, buildbot try syntax, and I think this is more intuitive.

"-u mochitest" continues to select all mochitests, as before:,

This change breaks one test case: "e10s-<chunk>". That is not recognized for buildbot and is, IMO, not very useful. I've removed that test case.

"-u e10s" continues to act as before, and is consistent with buildbot:
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do not search for alias when <name>-<chunk> specified

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Bonus: it's simpler than the old version :)
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Do not use alias when specific try -u test requested; r=dustin
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