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Update tests shouldn't work on copies of the application


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I talked with Robert Strong today regarding bug 1233679 and as a side-effect I got the information that our handling in the update tests are not testing a scenario as we should. 

As of now we are making copies of the application to run the update against. That allows us to not have to re-install Firefox to get back to the original version. But especially on Windows it means the application is not in that folder as written to the registry! As result we can expect update failures.

So what we could do is to operate on the installed application and still make a backup before. Then we can restore Firefox from the backup and run the other test.

If that would still clash regarding version numbers, we might have to uninstall the application between the tests, and reinstall before the next one.

Update tests are getting removed on bug 1573406. So this bug wont be fixed anymore.

Closed: 2 months ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
See Also: → 1573406
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