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Web-platform-test form-validation-reportValidity.html use skip-if which is never true


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Web-platform-test shouldn't use skip-if. It cause form-validation-reportValidity web-platform-test has been skipped in all platform.
I guess we need to fix wpt annotations so that they don't let one to use things which it can't recognize. 
The current setup feels really error prone, and not something a review can easily catch.
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aha, I see, we use different syntax for wpt.
skip-if = (os == 'mac') and debug:
should be something like
if os == "mac":

thought, I don't know how to express 'debug' there.
if os == "mac" and debug:

maybe? At least 'debug' is used elsewhere.
Yes. I don't think this is too weird; it's consistent with the rest of web-platform-tests and it would be super-weird to have to put all the expectation values on the left hand side of if expressions like error-if: and crash-if:.

We could maybe lint for use of skip-if on the rhs, but it isn't something I have seen before so it's at least not obviously a common mistake.
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Bug 1275233 - Web-platform-test shouldn't use skip-if.

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