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Download-Tooltip shows download duration for 56kBit/s


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Attached image Screenshot with tooltip
Download via hyperlink in green download button area shows a tooltip "73.2 min @ 56k/min". I doubt that that information from analog modems age is interesting for users, should be removed.
Can be done all in one go with a fix for "Bug 1274632 - For SeaMonkey download use".
I want to solve this bug. I can do it.
I am new to the contribution, so can you please tell me where to find the source pages so that I can edit those files and submit a patch.
(In reply to prabhjot.nith from comment #2)
As a first step you should try to confirm the observations and leave a comment with your results. 
Source code: <> "seamonkey-project-org"

Also see 
for a general description of the process. Once you are ready to submit a patch,
follow the steps there.
and attach the patch here for review.
<> also might be interesting.

You only should scan through all those hints, otherwise it might be overwhelming.
Thanks @Rainer sir for your response.
I have downloaded the sources and tested the changes that are required to get rid of this tooltip online.
I can do the same for the html files that need changes.
hg is already installed and I am using Ubuntu 14.04 Linux.

hg pull -u is giving an error :: abort: repository default not found!

can I upload the edited files with a effected screenshot ?

any other way of submitting like in git we can submit file online .
Can you help a little to get a review-ready patch here?
unnecessary title removed that leads to the tooltip.
There is required attachment file . I was getting mericural errors, so I uploaded in this way. Please review this, and I am trying to get with the hg.
I find this string "56k/s" in 5 files:

I wonder whether still is in use?
Yes sir these files also contain the text string but I thought the index.en.html file lying in the main folder is responsible for showing the content and other files doesn't affect it.
the other thing was that I was unable to upload all the 5 files in one go, so I asked review for one file.
Now uploading all the files that you mention in separate attachments.
Attached patch Review
Attached patch index.en.htmlSplinter Review
Attached file index-test.en.html
Attached patch index.en.htmlSplinter Review
(In reply to prabhjot.nith from comment #4)
> hg pull -u is giving an error :: abort: repository default not found!

Please subscribe <news://> and ask for assistance concerning this problem; alternative you can ask at <irc://>
NEW due to <>
Ever confirmed: true
Prabhjot, if you need assistence to get this going just mail me.
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No response. Just clearing needinfo flag.
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Now we also need to check-in this patch. Should I do it for you?
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> Now we also need to check-in this patch. Should I do it for you?


Thanks for the patch!
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