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Jobs with a "file_patterns" clause should automatically be scheduled if their task definition changes


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Currently you can tell a job to run only when certain file patterns have been modified. But unless the task definition of this job is explicitly listed, the job won't run when making changes to it!

I think it's safe to assume that we want to run a job every time it's definition changes, so we should just do this automatically.

We should also automatically run the job when a parent task.yml is modified, and potentially even when its docker image is modified. But I'm going to punt on these two for now as I don't see any easy way to implement it.
Currently, jobs which has 'file_patterns' set will only be run if a file matching one
of those patterns has been modified. This means that unless the task definition of the
job was explicitly included in those 'file_patterns', the job won't run when we modify

I think it is safe to assume that when making changes to a job's task, we want it to be
run no matter what. So let's add the task definition to 'file_patterns' automatically.

Here's a try run which modifies the marionette harness task:

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