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Request for new Linux docker worker type for Firefox UI tests


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On bug 1272236 we want to get our testing for nightly builds moved from our manually maintained mozmill-ci slave nodes to Taskcluster nodes. Therefore we need a new worker type for Linux. This worker type can be based of the desktop-test worker type given that this gives us everything what we need.

We definitely want to run the last Ubuntu release with long term support, and that for 32bit and 64bit.

I already talked with Dustin on IRC and he mentioned that we could name it "qa-3-linux-fx-tests". I'm happy with everything as long as we can name other upcoming worker types for Windows and OS X similarly.

Dustin, please let me know what other details you would have to know to create such a new worker. Thanks!
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OK, created!  I currently have it capped at 20 instances, but we can raise that if necessary.

I updated project/qa/fx-ui-tests to have permission to create tasks for this workerType, too.
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20 instances should be enough for now. We might have to readjust once we are going to test all locales. As of now we have only 5 of them per nightly build, and with the change it will be ~100. Selena gave her ok over on the other bug for that.

I triggered my first build with this worker type and all seems to look fine:

Thanks for that quick creation!
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