MoZ 98 not opening URLs sent by Forte Agent



17 years ago
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Windows 95

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17 years ago
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win95; en-US; rv:0.9.8) Gecko/20020204  

While reading newsgroups with Forte Agent, when I click a URL Mozilla opens a
new browser window, but doesn't load the URL for me.
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Component: Browser-General → XP Apps
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17 years ago
Assignee: trudelle → law

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17 years ago
Tsu Dho Nimh, is this still a problem for you with Mozilla 1.0 or 1.1alpha (or a
newer nightly build)?
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17 years ago
I don't know ... I had other problems with Mozilla 1.0 and deleted it.  I'll check again this weekend.  

It might be Agent's fault, so I'l;l test a couple of other browsers. 

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17 years ago
Mozilla 1.0 ... still opening window but failing to go to URL.  

It's possible this is the fault of AGENT, for not handing over the URL properly,
as it seems to be a problem with Netscape (4.7something) as well.  But I'm not
sure how to test it. 

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17 years ago
You could test it by setting mozilla - and other browsers, too - as the Windows
default browser and look what the respective one does with the URL it is given.
(Maybe it's not Windows settings, but internal Forte Agent settings which
determine, which application is chosen for opening clicked links)
Unfortunately I don't know how to find out, what data is actually passed to

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17 years ago
This is NOT a good report, because I changed a bunch of variables, but it's not Mozilla's bug, which is good news.

I updated Forte to 1.9.1 from whatever I had been using, and set it to use Mozilla.  I also UNCHECKED something called "Use DDE" in the Agent dialog box, which is something I don't remember setting, and it seems to work now.  I don't know if it was the DDE or the upgrade or what ... but it's working OK now.  

AGENT is independent of the Windows designated browser, BTW. 
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