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It seems that nobody is observing "ime-enabled-state-changed", if so, we can remove it


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Looks like that nobody is observing "ime-enabled-state-changed" which was implemented in bug 603848 for Android.

So, I'd like to remove this call of IMEStateManager. However, I've not found the bug to have removed the observer. Is somebody sure if this is not used anymore?
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It looks like I removed a (the?) "ime-enabled-state-changed" observer in bug 766066: Bug 819515 also proposed to remove this same "ime-enabled-state-changed" observer for some other problems. I am guessing no one uses this event.
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Thank you for your reply.

I also tried to crash if the topic is observed, but there are no crashed tests in comment 1. So, we should be able to remove this completely.
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"ime-enabled-state-changed" notification was implemented for Android in bug 603848 but nobody currently observes this notification.  Therefore, we can stop notify the observer service of this.

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Vivien, any comments to this?
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MozReview Request: Bug 1276406 Remove "ime-enabled-state-changed" notification completely r?smaug

So, conditional r+. Only land the patch if Vivien is ok with it.
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Ah, add-ons...

But they can use focus event (listen to focus event of editor or its ancestor in the system event group) and retrieve the new IME state with nsIDOMWindowUtils.IMEStatus.
How do you think, should we still wait a reply from Vivien?
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(In reply to Olli Pettay [:smaug] (high review load, please consider other reviewers) from comment #7)
> Vivien, any comments to this?

Sorry for the long delay. I'm completely fine to remove it.
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Thank you!
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Remove "ime-enabled-state-changed" notification completely r=smaug
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