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Steps to reproduce:

It is currently very difficult to find the latest version of the InlineHistory bugzilla extension.

The Mozilla add-ons page ( links to the old Bzr tree browser (, but this page no longer exists.

If you remove the path from the above link you get an information page ( which directs you to the new Mozilla git repo browser (

From here you can locate the extension: ( and this seems to contain the most recent code, in the sense that it has a 4.4 compatibility fix and proper versioning using git tags and an incremented version number (1.5).

However, I have also found two other possible canonical sources, both of which appear to be the same (though they don't appear to be direct Github forks of one another): and

These have been updated a lot more recently than the version on (October 2015, as opposed to April 2014).  However they don't appear to include the 4.4 fix (the README file says it supports 4.0 and 4.2) nor does it have any revisions tagged (though it does have a version number of 1.5).

Please can someone update the link at to point to the official download location for this extension, and ensure that this location is properly version-tagged and synchronised to include any fixes/updates that it is missing.
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