surface largest_free_vm_block in crash report summary, make it searchable



3 years ago
4 months ago


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3 years ago
An OOM crash report, such as, has stats like:

Total Virtual Memory 	


Available Virtual Memory 	


It's not always obvious in an OOM crash why things should be falling over when there's a lot of virtual memory available.  largest_free_vm_block gives a better picture of the memory fragmentation, and would be useful to see in reports.  I thought we captured this, but I didn't know enough to look in the raw dump to find it.

I see there's also bug 939871 for being able to search on this field, which also seems useful.
largest_free_vm_block is already available in search, but I think as it is a sub key of the json dump, it won't be displayed in our Metadata tab. However, you can go to the Raw Dump tab and search for `largest_free_vm_block` to find the value.
Seems like the outstanding bit here is add largest free vm block to metadata tab. Is that right? Does someone still want this?
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