Deploy Firefox Accounts static resources to a CDN (tracking)



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This is a meta tag to track work needed to deploy Firefox Accounts static resources to a CDN.
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Summary: Deploy Firefox Accounts static resources to a CDN → Deploy Firefox Accounts static resources to a CDN (tracking)


2 years ago
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This tracking issue can now be CLOSED AS FIXED! WOOT!
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YES! That's awesome. Any data on the performance improvements?
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Median DOMContentLoadedEVentEnd on firstrun
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Median fxa.content.loaded on firstrun
Datadog shows that there's an improvement, though not as much as I had hoped. The median DOMContentLoadedEnd navigator timing event has dropped from between 5.5 and 6 seconds to between 4.75 and 5 seconds. The "fxa.content.loaded" event, the time at which the user can really interact with the page, has gone from ~8 seconds to ~7 seconds. We have a lot of room for improvement. On the attached graphs, the blue line is the current numbers, the purple line one week ago, the yellow line one month ago.

The time up to DOMContentLoadedEnd is when the request is first made to FxA until the initial Javascript bundle is downloaded and the HTML page is rendered w/o content. The next 2 seconds are spent parsing, fetching config and translations, and finally rendering.

These numbers indicate to me that the CDN has helped marginally, but a CDN can only help so much when resources are large and bundled inefficiently. I'm going to continue to dig in and experiment to see whether any easy wins exist.
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