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do less work with refcounting atoms when using mutation observers


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We have a lot of unnecessary refcounting going on.
This change is a quality-of-life API improvement, and there are a number of
other places where it can be used besides this bug.
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We can pass the atom reference we have into the filter list, there's no
need for the filter list to retain a separate reference of the atom.
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Once we have references to all the atoms for the filters list, we can
pass all those references in, rather than having to copy the array and
thus the references.
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part 0 - add "append already_AddRefed element" API to nsCOMArray; r=erahm
part 1 - avoid unnecessary refcounting when building the filters list; r=baku
part 2 - avoid unnecessary refcounting when setting the filters list; r=baku
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
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