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Autophone - update production test manifests for better try coverage


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Currently we are missing some try coverage on nexus 4 and try coverage for nexus s is split between nexus-s-3, nexus-s-8 and nexus-s-9. In addition, in bug 1275272 we moved nexus-6p-8 to try for rca to see if repeated rca tests were causing the disconnections. It does appear to be the case that rca tests were the cause. We also remove rca on try from nexus-6p-8 since we don't want it to be possible for the device to be disconnected via a try run. nexus-6p-7 already has coverage for rca.

Improve try coverage for nexus 4 on nexus-4-7
Move all try coverage for nexus s to nexus-s-8
Remove rca try from nexus-6p-8.
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Attached file test-manifest.txt
nexus-4-7 nexus 4 device dedicated for try
nexus-5-6 nexus 5 device dedicated for try
nexus-s-8 nexus s device dedicated for try
nexus-6p-7 nexus 6p device dedicated for try

nexus-6-2 nexus 6 device for try but also runs other tests.
nexus-9-2 nexus 9 device for try but also runs other tests.
nexus-6p-{1,2} runs try talos in addition to production talos.

With this arrangement, the nexus s, 4, 5, 6p devices ability to run production tests is unaffected by try runs.
deployed 2016-06-04 17:00:00
Closed: 4 years ago
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