- Direct Brokerage, No!! Connection for Mozilla, Only Netscape after 4x and IE



17 years ago
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(Whiteboard: [DENY][eurocontest], URL)



17 years ago

See Report in "German"


ie benutzen einen Browser, mit dem die Nutzung des Direct Brokerage der
comdirect nicht möglich ist.
Um unser Direct Brokerage nutzen zu können, benötigen Sie einen Microsoft
Internet Explorer ab Version 4.0 oder einen Netscape Communicator ab Version
4.5. Außerdem ist die Nutzung des Netscape 6 ab Version 6.1 möglich.
Beta-Versionen der o.g. Browser sind nicht zugelassen.
Im Augenblick benutzen Sie "Mozilla/5.0 Galeon/1.1.3 (X11; Linux i586; U;)
Gecko/20020205" als Web-Browser
Sollten Sie weiterhin Probleme mit dem Zugriff per Internet haben, wenden Sie
sich bitte in der Zeit von 8:00 bis 22:00 Uhr an unsere Hotline unter der
Rufnummer 01803-336440.
Vielen Dank.


Comment 1

17 years ago
The login page looks fine.
Does this still happen?
Do you get this message after logging in?

Comment 2

17 years ago
Ever confirmed: true
OS: Linux → All
Summary: - Direct Brokerage, No!! Connection for Mozilla, Only Netscape after 4x and IE → - Direct Brokerage, No!! Connection for Mozilla, Only Netscape after 4x and IE
Whiteboard: [DENY][eurocontest]

Comment 3

16 years ago
Mozilla 0.9.3 and up are listed as "works, but no support if there are any
problems". Beta versions are blocked - so what kind of release is Galeon 1.1.3?

galeon is an alternate browser based on gecko, for gnome / *nix.
can anyone spoof the useragent string and see if there is anything (javascript,
html, css) to fix ?

Comment 5

16 years ago
According to the minor version indicates
whether the release is stable (even) or not (odd). So someone should check
Galeon 1.0.x and Galeon 1.2.x. Galeon 1.1.x might be identified as 'beta'.

Comment 6

16 years ago
They deny Galeon 1.2.0.

Comment 7

16 years ago
It seems they stopped accepting Mozilla on Linux today (which used to work for
several months now). All I see is a "The document contains no data" dialog after
clicking on "Anmelden" ("Login").

The support people answered quickly to my mail, but they were not very helpful.
They just told me they don't actively support Mozilla. On the other hand they
advised me to use a current Netscape browser. And indeed, logging in with
Netscape 7 worked (same with Mozilla 1.2b on WinMe...)

After that I tweaked general.browser.override to include "Netscape/7.0" in the
UA-string - and now I could login with my mozilla.

Comment 8

16 years ago
We should do an active campaign. Cross-promoting Netscape *7* with Mozilla. To 
stick it in the head of webmasters (who finally and joyously support Netscape 
7) that they are the same engine. We need to put a page in the /why section and 
put  "choose netscape now" buttons on our pages for end users. maybe a "choice" 
campaign even. Mozilla Firebird Netscape (background) Mozilla in red.

Same deal with AOL owned Try trying to download the rhapsody 
program. You can't even download it with mozilla. netscape 7 (it indicates) is 

Assignee: nitot → german
Component: Europe: West → German
QA Contact: z-caillon-obsolete2 → german

Comment 10

15 years ago
With Mozilla 1.2.1 (Win2K) calling 
I get the correct login page.

Comment 11

15 years ago
On their new "redesigned" website now
claims to support Mozilla!
At least they reject NS 4.7x and accept Mozilla 1.x!

Maybe this bug can be closed now? :-)

  Systemvoraussetzungen: Browser
	Wir empfehlen Ihnen die folgenden Browser:
        Internet Explorer ab Version 5.5 (für PC) bzw. 
         Version ab Version 5.1 (für Mac), 
         Download unter:

	Netscape ab Version 6.2 (für PC, Mac und Linux), 
         Download unter
        Mozilla ab Version 1.2 (für PC, Mac, Linux und Unix), 
         Download unter 

       Mozilla-Versionen von 2.x bis 4.x sind alte Netscape-Browser 
       und werden nicht mehr unterstützt

       Safari (für Mac): Da dieser Browser in der Planungszeit 
       nur im Beta-Stadium vorlag, wird Safari im Augenblick noch 
       nicht im Homebanking unterstützt. Eine Freigabe für das 
       Homebanking erfolgt aber in Kürze.
      Wenn Sie Windows 95 verwenden, ist ein Update auf den 
      Internet Explorer 6 nicht mehr möglich. 
      Sie können dann aber einen alternativen Browser aus der 
      obigen Liste verwenden.

Comment 12

15 years ago
They support moz1.2 and higher
marking FIXED
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