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Remove separate worker binding for Performance API


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We want to get rid of the 'separate' binding system for workers. Here is the unification of the Performance API for main-thread and workers. The idea is that we have 1 single Performance implementation, shared for main-thread and workers.

Then, We have 2 separate implementations for the worker and main-thread methods in 2 different classes: PerformanceMainThread and PerformanceWorker.

I didn't touch any existing logic. I just moved code around, mainly.
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uh, this is hard to review. Trying...
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part 1 - code

So here I'd really like to see some hg moves or copies.
At least for worker Performance to PerformanceWorker.
Maybe something similar could be done for the main thread case too?
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sorry being difficult with this review, but the patch is quite large and with some hg usage, it should become easier to review and blame would look right.
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The hg copy/mv usage for worker part made reviewing a lot easier. 
I guess I'll cope with the *MainThread
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part 1 - code

+                                                Performance)
extra space before Performance.

This would have been a lot faster to review if *MainThread stuff had used hg cp/mv. Now I had to compare each line manually.
Just tiny bit nagging ;)
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Remove separate worker binding for Performance API, r=smaug
move workers/performance tests in dom/performance/tests, r=smaug
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