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We need your help in identifying who your community has given the authority to manage the services we provide you.

In the situation that a decision needs to be made or action needs to be taken in regards to your service (eg someone is requesting an email on your community domain) we need the name(s) of the person who can say yes or no, or initiate change requests.

Your community can identify more than one person who has the authority to make decisions regarding your services. We will reach out to every person listed as “owner” for your service. Please be aware though that if you identify more than one person, we will act based on the first response we get. The persons named *must* be responsive in a timely manner. These persons will also be able to request changes to the owners list moving forward.

You can use this bug to discuss who these names should be, or you can use whatever discussion channel your community prefers. We only ask that someone from your community responds within *30 days* to let us know a discussion is happening. If we don’t get any sort of response within 30 days we will assume your community is inactive and start the process to deactivate your services. 

You can take more than 30 days to give a final answer. Once we’ve received a response we will recognize the community is active and support you in coming to a decision that is right for your community.

Discussion and questions about this process should go on this Discourse thread -

If you need to reach out to us privately, you can send an email to

In short:

- Communities have 30 days to start the discussion
- It’s up to communities to appoint their resource owner(s)
- These owners must be responsive and will have the authority to request changes to the serivces owners list
- We will support communities in making their decision, including arranging conflict resolution if necessary.
- Please cc any active members of your community that we’ve missed

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a year ago
Hello Tom,

I am currently the point of contact for my community (Kosovo). I do have plans to re-install this site, though I do have problems with connecting to the server.

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a year ago

Is there anyone else we can also consider as contacts for your community's website?

Please let me know what difficulties you're having connecting. Would migrating your site to our new platform be a better solution?
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I've cc'ed the other community members that we contacted, at least the ones who had bugzilla accounts.

If no one objects or suggests amendments by October 29th then we'll document Adrian as owner of the resource.
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