[UX] Control center "i" icon hover state should be gray to fit with new style guide




2 years ago
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(Reporter: Ash Grigas, Unassigned)


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Change "I" icon state hover in the identity box to match this spec:


2 years ago
Instead of using blue on hover, the design team has changed the "i" icon hover state to gray to match the style guidelines created by stephen horlander to use gray on hover instead of using color. 

The lock icon (https) will stay green as it doesn't have a hover state.


2 years ago
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2 years ago
The "i" hover was an outlier - no other icon uses color on hover (bryan bell)

Comment 2

2 years ago
(In reply to agrigas from comment #1)
> The "i" hover was an outlier - no other icon uses color on hover (bryan bell)

The "i" icon is different than the others anyways, because it served as an anchor for the panel.

I see this difference is kept by inverting the icon on hover, although less prominent now as Johann noted in bug 1206246 comment 10.
Blocks: 1206246
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Comment 3

2 years ago
One thing that is unclear to me is why the icon should become blue after the click. Once the panel has been opened, the arrow of the panel already points to the icon, there is no need to draw additional attention to it at that point.

I'm just concerned that it's one additional state to handle in the code, adding complexity.
OK, after getting the opinions here and chatting outside this bug, I'll try to summarize:

- the (i) icon gets a grey hover state
- there will be no more blue active state for the (i)
- the lock icon will be green on hover again

I'd appreciate if I could just solve this over in Bug 1206246, because that's much simpler for me, process-wise. If everyone is fine with that I'll flip the dependencies for the bugs so that this one gets resolved once 1206246 is landed.
No longer blocks: 1206246
Depends on: 1206246
Depends on: 1279465
I think we should close this bug, based on the fact that bug 1206246 resolved the issue. Tested on Nightly 50.0a1(2016-07-21) and if you hover the mouse over "i" becomes gray, Johann what do you think?
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Oh right, I forgot about this bug. Yes, we can close this. :)
Last Resolved: a year ago
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