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Display issue in en-US version

When setting a proxy or a .pac script in order to use a specific (company) proxy for some connections in Firefox, chances are some images or videos will be blocked, either intentionally or not. The resulting "The proxy server is refusing connections" error message is displayed instead of the image or video in that case. However, this message text usually does not fit the image or video size, resulting in missing or half written characters, likely depending on the locale.

See the attached images for an en-US (1) and an nl (2) error message. Note the en-US one displays the first characters but the subtext isn’t complete, whereas the localized one has missing first characters and the full text. The en-US screenshot was created using a nightly instead of release version, but chances are that different (localized) string lengths make the display vary, regardless of the FF version used.

Actual results:
Text does not fit the space occupied by the blocked image/video, increasing or decreasing page font size makes no difference (text just follows font size but won’t fit in a better way) and part of the text may be left out.
For FF on Android, only a part of the striped "under construction" bar is displayed and no text at all, but not sure if this is intentional.

Expected results:
Entire error message should always fit or scale down to fit image size properly, independent of font size used.

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Display issue in nl version
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