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[css-grid] 'span' is an invalid <custom-ident> in line name lists


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We currently reject 'span' as a <custom-ident> only in grid-row/column.
We should reject it in all line name lists too.

(It /appears/ all names are valid in 'grid-template-areas' though:
since they are just strings with no additional restrictions, AFAICT.

So, grid-template-areas:"inherit"; is a valid declaration, and
grid-row:inherit-end; would match that area's end edge.)
Summary: [css-grid] 'span' is an invalid <cutstom-ident> in line name lists → [css-grid] 'span' is an invalid <custom-ident> in line name lists
If you haven't already started working on this, would it be all right if I co-opt this as a "good first bug" for an intern who starts in 2 weeks?

(I could find another one as well; just pouncing on this one, since it fits the desired "good-first-bug" criteria of being a relatively small layout/style-system change, which affects behavior & is testable.)
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Sorry, I already wrote the patch.  It's a one-liner so probably a little bit
too easy for an intern anyway.
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Fair enough, no worries. (Let me know if you come across any other similarly-simple+testable changes that we need to make, which I can co-opt for an intern.)
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I fixed a few of the existing invalid values in the test as well.
I think we forgot to updated these when we switched from () to []
in the line name list syntax.
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[css-grid] Make 'span' an invalid <custom-ident> in line name lists.  r=dholbert
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