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Properly test that the handshake can't complete without AuthCertificateComplete


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Bug 1274718 corrected a problem where we would always wait for the AuthComplete callback before sending the client's second flight.  However, this exposed that the client doesn't wait for AuthComplete before reporting the handshake as complete.

The following modification to the test confirms this (though it asserts when calling SSL_AuthCertificateComplete() because that checks that we aren't in the idle_handshake wait state):

TEST_F(TlsConnectDatagram13, AuthCompleteAfterFinished) {
      [this](TlsAgent&, PRBool, PRBool) -> SECStatus {
        return SECWouldBlock;
  EXPECT_EQ(SECSuccess, SSL_AuthCertificateComplete(client_->ssl_fd(), 0));
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It looks to me like bug 1274718 introduced this defect, because previously we would hold all of ssl3_ClientSendSecondRound(). And that patch was backed out for bustage.

Assuming I do understand correctly, I propose just WONTFIXING 1274718 and marking this bug WORKSFORME. My reasoning is:

1. It's simpler code.
2. HTTP servers don't typically want to send first.
3. If the server cares about being able to send immediately, we can instead add support for 0.5RTT data, which will actually be faster for the server.

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Review of attachment 8762251 [details] [diff] [review]:

I think you should land some test here, but I suggest a simpler one if you follow my advice not to land this libssl patch.

The server sends its entire flight at once, so why not just validate that
after the server has sent its ServerHello and you have re-entered the
event loop, both sides are still in CONNECTING?

::: external_tests/ssl_gtest/libssl_internals.c
@@ +148,5 @@
> +  if (!ss) {
> +    /* No socket: can't get more idle than that. */
> +    return PR_TRUE;
> +  }
> +  return ss-> == idle_handshake;

Do you need to check this state? Can't you just check for the agent state?

I.e., client_->state()
Yes, let's update the testing but leave the code.  I think that the agent state will do.
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Summary: TLS 1.3 will complete the handshake prior to the async certificate verification completing → Properly test that the handshake can't complete without AuthCertificateComplete
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::: external_tests/ssl_gtest/
@@ +934,5 @@
> +  client_->StartConnect();
> +  do {
> +    client_->Handshake();
> +    server_->Handshake();
> +  } while (server_->state() == TlsAgent::STATE_CONNECTING);


@@ +937,5 @@
> +    server_->Handshake();
> +  } while (server_->state() == TlsAgent::STATE_CONNECTING);
> +  client_->Handshake();
> +  client_->Handshake();
> +  EXPECT_EQ(TlsAgent::STATE_CONNECTING, client_->state());

You should actually call the callback and verify that the handshake completes.
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I don't think that's ideal.  We could end up in a situation where the test hangs if there is an error.  CONNECTING is fine I think.
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Updated patch here:
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