Persist of some attributes break when used document.getElementById on prefwindow element before onload fired




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Open it as a window or in a browser's tab, change to Tab #3 and reopen the .xul file, it should remember your previously opened tab and automatically open it, but instead it opens the default Tab #2

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Build ID: 20160604131506

Steps to reproduce:

Using document.getElementById("prefwindowID") before onload event fired

Actual results:

Some persist attributes would not restore persist values.
Specifically selectedIndex on tabbox element.
In the test file persist attribute on checkbox is not affected.

Expected results:

Using document.getElementById should not affect anything.

From my tests this only affects selectedIndex attribute on <tabbox>
I could only reproduce this issue when used <prefwindow> with <prefpane>, while <window> and <dialog> type windows are not affected.

In my tests other elements with persist attributes are not affected either.

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2 years ago
Created attachment 8762599 [details]
Identical to test text_persist_broken.xul, except line with document.getElementById is commented out.
Hello, I'm asking your help with an experiment with making decisions on bugs. You've been needinfo'ed on this bug. I'd like you to take one action to help this bug make progress toward a decision. The things you can do include:

* If you know or have a good guess of which product and component this bug belongs to, change the product and component of the bug
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* If you cannot reproduce the bug, close it
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It seems related to the behavior in XUL.
Let me change to Component to XUL first to see if someone can help on this.
Component: General → XUL
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