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[XHR2] Not passing the responseXML.lastmodified test.


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Firefox presently does not pass the web platform test checking the value of responseXML.lastModified (as in, this blocks bug 918688).

However, the test itself will change (or be removed), so I created this bug as a reminder to check and see what decision was made. See the comments in bug 918773 for more detail.
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Summary: responsexml lastmodified → [XHR2] Not passing the responseXML.lastmodified test.
Component: General → DOM: Core & HTML
Product: Firefox → Core
Thomas, I think the actual issue here is that we attempt to compare it to the Last-Modified header which the server does not set. If we just compare it to it seems like that should be fine and will match the specification.

I hadn't realized the test was actually trying to use the Last-Modified header.

(We might want to add a test where the Last-Modified header is set I suppose.)
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Then if I'm not misinterpreting you, this patch should do the trick.

If that's the case, then Firefox already passes both tests.
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Yeah, that looks reasonable to me.
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Alright. James, hallvors mentioned in another ticket that you're the one to nudge if a change to the web platform tests should be uplifted. If that's the case, then could you check out the patch in comment 2, and let me know if I can help out any further?
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Nothing is needed from me if annevk or someone r+'s the patch to land in general.

My main comment is that you are overusing assert_true. Please make better use of assert_equals and assert_greater_than[_equals]. Remember multiple asserts are like && i.e. the test will only pass if they all pass.
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Sure, here's a version that addresses that issue.
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Alright, here's a final version of the patch that we can check in, but I don't have access, so could you check it in for me, James? Carrying over r=annevk.
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Correct XHR web platform test to verify that the last-modified time is set correctly on the response document if it is set in the HTTP headers (or not). r=annevk
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