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Handle captive portal page not loading


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Captive Portal Service detects we are in a captive portal.
UI opens a new tab to the captive portal endpoint which should get redirected.
If the network is flaky/bad we might end up with an empty tab. While it's loading the user has no idea what it's for.

The captive portal tab should be hidden until it's fully loaded. (if possible)
I don't think we should hide it. I think we should make it obvious there is a captive portal as soon as we know there is one. A better idea in my opinion is to make it very clear to the user what the tab is for, which the notification bar will do (or doorhanger if we decide to switch to that in the future).

MattN, what do you think?
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Right, once we have the doorhanger/notification bar this issue isn't exactly relevant anymore.
However, we still need to handle the tab not loading (due to a timeout or some other issue), in some way.
Another idea would be to show something meaningful instead of a blank page while loading.
I also think we should handle this with the notification bar. If this bug is about handling the page not loading then the summary should be changed.
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Summary: Hide captive portal tab while it's loading → Handle captive portal page not loading
No empty tab, no indication other than bad cert warning on every open tab attempting to connect to WiFi on Scot Rail and Virgin Trains in Scotland and England this week.  Using Firefox 49.0a2 (Dev. Ed.) and FF for iOS 4.0(11)

Also no way to open a tab and get to the portal authentication page.  Had to use Safari or Chrome on OS X and Safari on iOS.
The captive-portal UI work is just starting to land on nightly. It's not in aurora yet.
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Component: Networking → General
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If the captive portal is such a crappy network that it can't even load the login page, isn't it enough to treat the tab the same as a regular page load (i.e. spinner keeps spinning, at some point the user hits reload)?

It seems like this bug was filed before we implemented our Captive Portal UI completely. I think we already show a notification bar when the page is not loading.
Valentin, do you think this issue was resolved? Can we close it?

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I think it's safe to close. It's been a while since I filed it, the implementation has changed a lot in the mean time, and I haven't hit this problem in years. Marking as WORKSFORME

Closed: 5 years ago
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