PTO wont let me carry forward r+ on already-reviewed patches in MozReview



2 years ago
2 years ago


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In bug 1213517 I already had 9 r+'es from jesup before he went on PTO two days ago.

Today, I pushed a new review request without adding any new reviewers yet (still looking for victims), thinking MozReview usually lets me (L3) carry forward jesup's reviews, but not this time. I get:

  Error publishing: Bugzilla error: [:jesup] on pto until 2016/7/5 Randell Jesup <> is not currently accepting 'review' requests.

Workaround: To publish, I removed [jesup /] from 6 of the patches that were editable (the other 3 show green [jesup (r+)]). That got me through the publish step.

But now things seem wrong:

Expected result:
- 9 patches with green [jesup(r+)] green [r+] (ok, one yellow)
- 9 r+'es in Bugzilla

Actual result:
- 3 patches with green [jesup(r+)] green [r+]
- 6 patches without a reviewer yet green [r+] (!)
- 3 r+'es in Bugzilla

In bugzilla it now looks like 6 patches need review when they don't (I only made minor updates in them in response to jesup's feedback). I'll carry forward jesup's r+'es manually in bugzilla for now.

Also, I wonder if autoland will work, or must I wait until jesup returns in two weeks? I have additional patches in need of review, so there's some time before I find out.
this is similar to bug 1277738.

i've been trying to reproduce this in my development environment, but have not been able to do so, which is weird.  i've tried as many different variations of this scenario but they have all resulted in a successful push, with the r+ carried forward.
In Bug 1277738 it sounds like it's the "push to mozreview' that's failing. That's not my symptom here.

I generally don't put r?reviewers in my commit message, and instead add them through the GUI.

So I pushed to mozreview fine, except I answer No when it asks to publish on the command line.

The step that fails for me is when I hit the [Publish] button in the GUI. It gives the error message in comment 0 unless I remove jesup as reviewer on the patches I had touched that he had previously r+ed. In other words, it refused to "carry forward" his review at that point.

When I remove jesup from those patches, then it let me publish. Patches are still marked as [r+] in mozreview (but without a named reviewer), but in bugzilla the patches look unreviewed (no r+ attachment flags).
ahh, thanks, that's very useful information.  i'll experiment around ui-driven changes.
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