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"Fill Login" functionality like Desktop already has


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Steps to reproduce:

Long touch on Login field

Actual results:

Dropdown shows me input values I have entered some time before, but apparently no autofill of login.

Expected results:

Firefox Desktop has a nice feature since release 42: You can right-click on login input field and there is a context menu "Fill Login". This has the passwords that I have remembered in my password manager (which is synced between my devices).

A "Fill Login" functionality would be very much appreciated on Mobile too, because typing in credentials (with special characters and numbers) is even more cumbersome on Mobile than it is on Desktop.
NI to get on the radar.
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We will be working on a auto-fill project very soon to cover better user experience for desktop and mobile.

Thanks for bringing this up.

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Makes sense.

Clearing NI for now so I can get a new ping (when this work picks up :)
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fwiw, I think we integrate with autofill from add-ons like 1password/lastpass but this may require Android O autofill.
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I have exactly the same problem. Anyone got a suggestion? This is quiet a common issue , please suggest me if you find any solution for it .

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