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mozregression shouldn't output bug numbers when there are too many possibilities


(Testing :: mozregression, defect)

Not set


(Not tracked)


(Reporter: wlach, Unassigned)



"hmm, I don't see the alternate fixing from bug 1273255 being hit at all, either in my debugger or when I add printfs. I could be doing something wrong, of course - but I think mozregression is misleading us. The two last revisions from the output point to:

which doesn't just include bug 1273255 but also bug 1267989 and bug 1273661 and bug 909633.

Boris, any chance one of those broke this site instead? (I mean, I guess not the microdata removal, but the other ones...)

:wlach, can we make mozregression not output bug numbers when there's 1 push with multiple bugs (and so it's really not sure which one caused an issue) ?"

bc: Would you be able to look into this one as well when you have the chance?
FWIW a list of possible bugs is probably more useful than no bugs output.
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