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[Static Analysis][Failure to restore non-local value] In function PrintCallIndirect


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The Static Analysis tool Coverity detected that failure to restore non-local value on variable c.currentPrecedence in the following context:

>>    PrintOperatorPrecedence lastPrecedence = c.currentPrecedence;
>>    c.currentPrecedence = ExpressionPrecedence;
>>    if (!PrintExpr(c, *call.index()))   	
>>        return false;
>>    c.currentPrecedence = lastPrecedence;
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Bug 1283064 - restore correct value to |c.currentPrecedence| if PrintExpr fails.

I can see what Coverity is trying to do here, but on error, the WasmPrintContext is discarded. No code that uses a WasmPrintContext ever catches an error and uses the WasmPrintContext again.

Furthermore the same idiom is used elsewhere in the file, so "fixing" it in just one place would be weird.
A general fix that we might take is some kind of temporarily-assign-a-value-but-save-the-old-value utility template:

        SetTemporaryValue<PrintOperatorPrecedence> stv(c.currentPrecedence, ExpressionPrecedence);
        ... code that can fail ...
    } // `stv` has a destructor that puts the old value back, success or failure
yes in fact something similar is also present here:

>>        MBasicBlock* loopBody = curBlock_;
>>        curBlock_ = nullptr;
>>        // TODO (bug 1253544): blocks branching to the top join to a single
>>        // backedge block. Could they directly be set as backedges of the loop
>>        // instead?
>>        if (!bindBranches(headerLabel))
>>            return false;
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