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3 years ago
A go-syncstorage has been deployed to stage (sync-6). This is a new generation sync storage server, written in go with a new data storage model [1]. 

It has been deployed to stage. It needs to be tested more before a server is rolled out to prod. 


- passes the python load test [passes]
- passes the python functional tests [passes]
- Firefox Desktop can sync to it [passes]
- Firefox Android can sync to it [tbd]
- Firefox IOS can sync to it [tbd]


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3 years ago

Are there instructions for testing sync on iOS with a stage server?
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I don't believe there are any instructions; we test against prod.

The easiest thing to do is to get set up to build — you'll need this if you find a bug, anyway!

Instructions at:

Run in a simulator or on device, after changing Profile.swift:

    var accountConfiguration: FirefoxAccountConfiguration {
        if isChinaEdition {
            return ChinaEditionFirefoxAccountConfiguration()
        return ProductionFirefoxAccountConfiguration()

to make that last clause `LatestDevFirefoxAccountConfiguration()`. That'll give you as your FxA, and as your Sync token server. You'll need to make sure the token server points you to the right Sync server, of course.

Nick, am I missing another way? Loading the stage accounts.* page in the browser itself isn't enough.
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> Nick, am I missing another way? Loading the stage accounts.* page in the
> browser itself isn't enough.

Not that I'm aware of.  I vaguely recall that we built a 5-tap-and-Debug-options-appear on iOS, but now I don't see it.

On Android, you can set Gecko prefs to let you test against a non-production FxA endpoint; see  IIRC, setting the token server to a non-production endpoint that then points against a non-production Sync endpoint should just work, but if not, you can also  "dangerously" choose to use stage (with the endpoints from in Nightly.  If that's necessary, I can help arrange it.
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3 years ago
closing this in favor of bug 1296030. The stage box was tested and passed QA. Moving work to the prototype production box.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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Marking as VERIFIED -- Ben is correct, the stage box passed QA.
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