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2 years ago
When I review a patch, often I have to write down notes for myself: I want to check a return value of methods, I want to check how something is used elsewhere, etc etc.

Would be nice to have a note system just for the reviewer, invisible to the author.

Bonus goal would be to have 'blocker' notes that do not allow to complete the review, until those notes are closed. This is maybe useful just for me, but, personally, I think that the review process is a 'process', and it requires several steps. With 'notes', I can definitely improve how to review patches.
sorry, but i don't think this feature belongs in mozreview.
it would require a lot of work, and would add to an already cluttered/confusing ui.

there are a lot of browser add-ons that provide the functionality you've requested; i suggest installing one of those.
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