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document what the devtools loader provides


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Bug 1266844 pointed out that we should document what the loader provides,
particularly as we're moving to a more content-like environment.
I wasn't sure what to write here other than a list of available APIs, so that's what I've done.
I'm open to suggestions.
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::: devtools/docs/
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>    * [Inspector](
>    * [Memory](
>    * [Debugger](
>    * [Responsive Design Mode](
>  * [Frontend](
> +  * [Environment](

I'd rather this be renamed to something that explicitly describes the "older" environment of using the Chrome loader. We don't really want to encourage that anymore. From now own, we should just use BrowserLoader and modules are automatically evaluated in a content environment.

We're making the Chrome loader more compatible because we have a lot of existing code, and probably more importantly, so that we can share modules between frontend and backend.

What about creating a new top-level section called something like "Notes" and creating a "Loaders" section under it? I feel like there could be several sections there that describe knowledge that we all have in our head. The "Loaders" section should explain the above, that we currently have code that shared modules across frontend/backend and thus need these APIs for compat, but new code should also use the BrowserLoader.
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Bug 1283523 - document bindings available to devtools clients;

Removing my review flag as I already reviewed it. Let me know if you want to talk about this more.
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I don't think this is relevant any more.
Docs have moved to github and been redone.
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