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add Uzbek language to Thunderbird


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Hello. I have completed Uzbek translations for Thunderbird in Pootle. Can you add it into new Thunderbird, please?
Component: uz / Uzbek → Build Config
Product: Mozilla Localizations → Thunderbird
Blocks: 1310221
Summary: add Uzbek language to Thunderbird → remove (was add) Uzbek language to Thunderbird
I'm not sure if I set the dependency by mistake a year ago, but Thunderbird is localized at 95% for Uzbek.

How did it move from Add to Remove? It's also not in builds at the moment, as far as I can see.
Flags: needinfo?(vseerror)
I based it on you setting this to block "remove broken locales", and no one complained about it.
So let's make this bug reflect what's correct today.
No longer blocks: 1310221
Flags: needinfo?(vseerror)
Flags: needinfo?(philipp)
Flags: needinfo?(mozilla)
Summary: remove (was add) Uzbek language to Thunderbird → add Uzbek language to Thunderbird
Pushed by
Add uz locale. r=me. DONTBUILD
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Aside from above push, I've also pushed:

I've also copied over the initial set of region properties, let me know if you would like changes:
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The nightly builds should show up in 1-2 days. Once you are happy, please file a bug to enable uz for beta. Note we have Thunderbird 60 coming up soon, so it would be great to include this language.
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