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Reps: handle URLs uniformly


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51.2 - Aug 29
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Urls seem to be handled in different ways

- window shows full url:
- document doesn't include protocol:
- stylesheet only includes file name: contentSearchUI.css

I believe all of these (and any others) should be full urls.
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Hi Lin, 
I would like to work on this,
It would be great if you could tell me where to start with
Sorry, I just realized this bug isn't ready yet. We have a few issues with patches that are going to land soon which need to be done before this. I've attached that as a blocker.
Depends on: 1257552
Attached patch Bug1284842.patch - rev1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Test for the relevant rep modules have already been created so this bug wasn't blocked anymore and also had a relatively simple solution. 

Push to try:
Assignee: nobody → dalimilhajek
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Iteration: --- → 50.4 - Aug 1
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Bug1284842.patch - rev1

Review of attachment 8774705 [details] [diff] [review]:

Rather than using crop string, we should be passing this through a URL function. It may be that we need to update the url function to process it properly.
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(In reply to Lin Clark [:linclark] from comment #4)

> Rather than using crop string, we should be passing this through a URL
> function. It may be that we need to update the url function to process it
> properly.
There are a few URL related functions in rep-utils but they are mostly used for splitting. I thought we just want to display the url as is (possibly cropped)? Or do you want me to just create a simple function parseURLToDisplay(urlText) in rep-utils that for now would only call cropString() - but would provide an abstraction to change it later? 
BTW, I also checked object-with-url.js and it doesn't even crop the url.
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I think it would be best to compile a list here of all of the places in reps where urls are shown and what function is used to show the URL. We can make a better decision once we have that information.
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OK, here are the ones that I was able to find (looking at 'master' and ignoring the new patch):
window.js -> cropString(grip.preview.url)
document.js -> getFileName(grip.preview.location)
stylesheet.js -> getFileName(grip.preview.url)
object-with-url.js -> displays 'grip.preview.url' (without any cropping)
rep-utils.js -> contain URL parsing and splitting methods that are used in reps
Iteration: 50.4 - Aug 1 → 51.1 - Aug 15
Honza, could you take a look at this? I feel this has got stuck...
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It's great you are working on this!

I was quickly discussing this with Lin and we agree that there should be a function that's used to prepare the URL string for rendering. Just like you are mentioning in comment #5. Implementation of that function can be simple cropping (or some kind of smarter URL cropping?) and it should be used at all the places you summarized in comment #7. The function will be nice abstraction and so, we can improve it later if needed.

I can review the patch.

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OK, I created the new function in rep-utils.

Push to try:
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Iteration: 51.1 - Aug 15 → 51.2 - Aug 29
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Bug1284842.patch - rev2

Review of attachment 8781487 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good to me now!

R+ assuming the try is green

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Reps: Handle URLs uniformly. r=Honza
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