Allow the "Changed" column of search results to reflect more targeted changes




3 years ago
3 years ago


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3 years ago
I am one of those people with way too many assigned bugs, for too long. I have a search query for the bugs that are assigned to me, but there are only two meaningful ways I can sort the search results:
- by ID
- by Changed time

none of which reflect what I actually want to sort on: when was the bug assigned to me?

Another use-case that I can think of, is to be able to sort search results by last time a patch was attached.

There is a search filter that allows to refine the search results and limit them to, say, changes to $field between $start_data and $end_date. This is helpful in some ways, but being able to sort the results by "changes to $field" would be more useful to me.

Comment 2

3 years ago
Tangentially, now that I read those bugs you just linked, I discover "Change Several Bugs at Once", which I can use to unassign myself to all bugs I've been assigned to for years and obviously haven't been doing anything on them!

I also discover "Change Columns", which could be leveraged, at least UI-wise, for the feature I'm asking in comment 0.
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