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Remove remnants of widget/qt


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With the landing of bug 1282866, we no longer have code to support the qt widget toolkit. At the time I didn't go through the codebase and remove all the references to MOZ_WIDGET_QT, a preprocessor token which will never be defined any more.

Here are all the references:

Getting rid of these is mostly (entirely?) a mechanical change:

For something like

We need to get rid of the MOZ_WIDGET_QT block, and use #if instead of #elif at line 644.

The more common case is

Where we just remove the `|| defined(MOZ_WIDGET_QT)` bit.

I'm going to call this a good first bug, because although it's a lot of changes, I don't think there's a lot of hard decisions to make.
I'm going to take this, for a few reasons:

- I like removing unused code.

- I've grappled with widget/-wide changes before, which require updating unused widget/ code, so I'm doubly happy to remove unused widget/ code.

- There's quite a bit more to be removed than just the MOZ_WIDGET_QT conditional blocks. E.g. there are still Qt-specific files remaining, changes required, etc., so it's harder than it first seems.
Assignee: nobody → n.nethercote
Mentor: benjamin
Summary: Remove references to MOZ_WIDGET_QT → Remove remnants of widget/qt
mshal: please review the *.build changes.

dougt: please review everything else.
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Remove remnants of widget/qt

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Remove remnants of widget/qt

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> (so the AC_SUBST(QT_SURFACE_FEATURE) can probably go away as well)

Good catch! That AC_SUBST must stay because
gfx/cairo/cairo/src/ contains a |@QT_SURFACE_FEATURE@| line,
but a couple of related things in that file can be removed.

I also found some more stuff in widget/ to remove, dougt please check.
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BTW I will combine the two patches before landing.
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