Adjust signature of crash reports to new class names under editor/libeditor



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(Reporter: masayuki, Assigned: dylan)




Bug 1260651 changed all class names under editor/libeditor. Therefore, we need to treat old names and new names are same ones. Following list is the complete list of changing class names:

> AddStyleSheetTxn    mozilla::AddStyleSheetTransaction
> DeleteNodeTxn    mozilla::DeleteNodeTransaction
> DeleteRangeTxn    mozilla::DeleteRangeTransaction
> DocumentResizeEventListener    mozilla::DocumentResizeEventListener
> DOMPoint    mozilla::EditorDOMPoint
> EditAggregateTxn    mozilla::EditAggregateTransaction
> EditorInputEventDispatcher    mozilla::EditorInputEventDispatcher
> EditTxn    mozilla::EditTransactionBase
> PlaceholderTxn    mozilla::PlaceholderTransaction
> PropItem    mozilla::PropItem
> RemoveStyleSheetTxn    mozilla::RemoteStyleSheetTransaction
> ResizerMouseMotionListener    mozilla::ResizerMouseMotionListener
> ResizerSelectionListener    mozilla::ResizerSelectionListener
> SetDocTitleTxn    mozilla::SetDocumentTitleTransaction
> SetSelectionAfterTableEdit    mozilla::AutoSelectionSetterAfterTableEdit
> StyeleCache    mozilla::StyleCache
> TypeInState    mozilla::TypeInState
> WSType    mozilla::WSType
> mozilla::dom::AutoReplaceContainerSelNotify
> mozilla::AutoReplaceContainerSelNotify
> mozilla::dom::ChangeAttributeTxn    mozilla::ChangeAttributeTransaction
> mozilla::dom::ChangeStyleTxn    mozilla::ChangeStyleTransaction
> mozilla::dom::CreateElementTxn    mozilla::CreateElementTransaction
> mozilla::dom::DeleteTextTxn    mozilla::DeleteTextTransaction
> mozilla::dom::IMETextTxn    mozilla::CompositionTransaction
> mozilla::dom::InsertNodeTxn    mozilla::InsertNodeTransaction
> mozilla::dom::InsertTextTxn    mozilla::InsertTextTransaction
> mozilla::dom::JoinNodeTxn    mozilla::JoinNodeTransaction
> mozilla::dom::SplitNodeTxn    mozilla::SplitNodeTransaction
> nsAutoEditBatch    mozilla::AutoEditBatch
> nsAutoEditInitRulesTrigger    mozilla::AutoEditInitRulesTrigger
> nsAutoInsertContainerSelNotify    mozilla::AutoInsertContainerSelNotify
> nsAutoLockListener    mozilla::AutoLockListener
> nsAutoLockRulesSniffing    mozilla::AutoLockRulesSniffing
> nsAutoMoveNodeSelNotify    mozilla::AutoMoveNodeSelNotify
> nsAutoPlaceHolderBatch    mozilla::AutoPlaceHolderBatch
> nsAutoRemoveContainerSelNotify    mozilla::AutoRemoveContainerSelNotify
> nsAutoRules    mozilla::AutoRules
> nsAutoSelectionReset    mozilla::AutoSelectionRestorer
> nsAutoTrackDOMPoint    mozilla::AutoTrackDOMPoint
> nsAutoTxnsConserveSelection    mozilla::AutoTransactionsConserveSelection
> nsAutoUpdateViewBatch    mozilla::AutoUpdateViewBatch
> nsBaseEditorCommand    mozilla::EditorCommandBase
> nsBoolDomIterFunctor    mozilla::BoolDomIterFunctor
> nsBRNodeFunctor    mozilla::BRNodeFunctor
> nsClearUndoCommand    mozilla::ClearUndoCommand
> nsCopyAndCollapseToEndCommand    mozilla::CopyAndCollapseToEndCommand
> nsCopyCommand    mozilla::CopyCommand
> nsCopyOrDeleteCommand    mozilla::CopyOrDeleteCommand
> nsCutCommand    mozilla::CutCommand
> nsCutOrDeleteCommand    mozilla::CutOrDeleteCommand
> nsDeleteCommand    mozilla::DeleteCommand
> nsDOMIterator    mozilla::DOMIterator
> nsDOMSubtreeIterator    mozilla::DOMSubtreeIterator
> nsEditorController    mozilla::EditorController
> nsEditorEventListener    mozilla::EditorEventListener
> nsEditorHookUtils    mozilla::EditorHookUtils
> nsEditorUtils    mozilla::EditorUtils
> nsEmptyEditableFunctor    mozilla::EmptyEditableFunctor
> nsHTMLCSSutils    mozilla::CSSEditUtils
> nsHTMLEditor    mozilla::HTMLEditor
> nsHTMLEditor::BlobReader    mozilla::HTMLEditor::BlobReader
> nsHTMLEditorEventListner    mozilla::HTMLEditorEventListener
> nsHTMLEditRules    mozilla::HTMLEditRules
> nsHTMLEditUtils    mozilla::HTMLEditUtils
> nsHTMLURIRefObject    mozilla::HTMLURIRefObject
> nsInsertPlaintextCommand    mozilla::InsertPlaintextCommand
> nsInternetCiter    mozilla::InternetCiter
> nsPasteCommand    mozilla::PasteCommand
> nsPasteQuotationCommand    mozilla::PasteQuotationCommand
> nsPasteTransferableCommand    mozilla::PasteTransferableCommand
> nsPlaintextEditor    mozilla::TextEditor
> nsRangeStore    mozilla::RangeItem
> nsRangeUpdater    mozilla::RangeUpdater
> nsRedoCommand    mozilla::RedoCommand
> nsRulesInfo    mozilla::RulesInfo
> nsSelectAllCommand    mozilla::SelectAllCommand
> nsSelectionMoveCommands    mozilla::SelectionMoveCommands
> nsSelectionState    mozilla::SelectionState
> nsSwitchTextDirectionCommand    mozilla::SwitchTextDirectionCommand
> nsTableCellAndListItemFunctor    mozilla::TableCellAndListItemFunctor
> nsTextEditRules    mozilla::TextEditRules
> nsTextEditRulesInfo    mozilla::TextEditRulesInfo
> nsTextEditUtils    mozilla::TextEditUtils
> nsTrivialFunctor    mozilla::TrivialFunctor
> nsUndoCommand    mozilla::UndoCommand
> nsUuiqueFunctor    mozilla::UniqueFunctor
> nsWSRunObject    mozilla::WSRunObject
> nsWSRunObject::WSFragment    mozilla::WSRunObject::WSFragment
> nsWSRunObject::WSPoint    mozilla::WSRunObject::WSPoint 

And a method name is also changed

> nsEditor::CreateTxnForIMEText() mozilla::EditorBase::CreateTxnForComposiiton()

Note that some static methods in cpp files are also moved from global namespace to mozilla namespace. But there shouldn't be crash bug in them because they should be enough simple.
I am unclear what is being requested. Are you asking that we go through the crash signature data stored in the Bugzilla database and change all occurrences of these names to the new class name?  Seems like a lot of extra data will be created in the database since we will need to log each change in the activity table as well.
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Although, I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'd like bugzilla can search existing stack trace with new class names. See also bug 1260651 comment 7:

Mats Palmgren (vacation) from comment #7
> After you land these name changes I think it would be a good idea to make
> a list of all the old/new name pairs (including namespace(s)) so that someone
> can make an automated update to the crash signature field in Bugzilla (adding
> the new names, keeping the old).
> I've seen it happen before that bugs are closed as WFM because there are no
> new crashes reported, when the real reason is that the method was renamed.
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5 months ago
We're not going to this as described. We might be able to do something in Elasticsearch, but for now this bug is INCOMPLETE.
Assignee: dkl → dylan
Last Resolved: 5 months ago
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